Wildwood Elementary School is a partnership of learners composed of students, teachers, parents, and community. We are dedicated to using a variety of learning and assessment strategies, resources, and technology in order to help students meet their full potential. We strive to provide a positive environment that is safe and inviting for all.
At  Wildwood, staff and students start our day by saying this promise and words of affirmation together: "As a Wildcat, I promise to have the courage to respect myself and others, stand up for one another and choose to make each day the best it can be."
At Wildwood, we live our Wildcat Promise by striving to "be like SAM" who is our Wildcat mascot:
                                                                 S - SHOW respect
                                                                 A - ACT responsibly
                                                                 M - MAKE a positive difference
We strive to be like SAM through our Positive Actions by Wildcat Staff and Students (PAWS). We value the power of modeling as a teaching tool, so our team at Wildwood is committed to teaching by example. We model the importance of being servant leaders in our community to our students. Our Wildcats look forward to "letters in community service" through the opportunities we provide to serve the community and their fellow Wildcats. Like our staff, our students are excited to live the Wildcat Promise.